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Facebook Dreams & Vision Interpretation by EIMI ~ <br> GUIDELINES

Welcome to the sign-up for a subscription to the DVC (Dreams & Visions Community).  My name is Carmen L. Isaac and I am the founder of EIMI – Eternal Impact Ministries Int’l and the Administrator of the DVC.  You must be at least 18 years old to be a member.   EIMI – Eternal Impact Ministries Int’l is a Christian ministry designed to awaken the Body of Christ to the things of the Spirit and to encourage those who are not born-again to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord, Savior, and Friend.  The DVC is not a church or a parish organization, although, my husband and I are members of a local church—but it is a segment of EIMI designed to bring biblically-based, Spirit-led interpretations of dreams and visions.  The DVC is made up of membership to the closed Facebook group, Dreams & Vision Interpretation by EIMI, as well as the opportunity to take classes through Dream Chat.  To learn more about my ministry and Statement of Faith, please read through the different tabs of this website.   These guidelines reflect EIMI’s attempt to build a community of trust and faith in Jesus Christ and to approach dream interpretation by applying biblical principles.  
  1. GENESIS 40:8 READS: And they said to him, “We each have had a dream, and there is no interpreter of it.”  So Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God?  Tell them to me ….” I love the NLT’s version, “Interpreting dreams is God’s business,” Joseph replied.  “Go ahead and tell me your dreams.”  The best interpretations are the ones we hear from God, not just ones that are pieced together with obligatory meanings plugged in from a dream book.  I’m not against dream books with symbols, however.  They are helpful, but dream interpretation is about revelation and usually involves a gift of a word of wisdom or a gift of a word of knowledge.  This is not primarily a page for personal prophecy, but if the Holy Spirit, at times, leads in this direction, such as with the Apples of Gold—we want to be sensitive to His leading.
  3. With that, as the Administrator with Moderators (we're affectionately referred to as the Dream Team), and anyone else led to help with the interpretation of a dream—needs to view the dream through the lens of the Holy Spirit.  I am not a certified teacher of Streams Ministries’ Advanced Dreams & Visions course (I would’ve continued on to become one but they discontinued the program), but I am a graduate of several of Streams Ministries’ classes and John Paul Jackson’s Advanced Dreams & Visions class, in particular (see his prayer over my life on this website).  I regarded him as a mentor and a friend, and solid dream interpretation has been modeled for me through his ministry and through the ministry of other sound interpreters.
  5. DREAMS ARE USUALLY SYMBOLIC, filled with biblical imagery and spiritual metaphors, while visions may use symbols, but often apply a more literal application. With that, once your dream has been interpreted, please provide us with feedback.
  7. I ENCOURAGE ANYONE WHO HAS A HEART TO PARTICIPATE to do so as long as it is from a CHRISTIAN perspective and BIBLICALLY based.  Non-Christians may post dreams, but be aware of the lens we are looking for when interpreting.
  9. PLEASE REMEMBER TO POST FEEDBACK when your dream is interpreted.  If you want to wait until more than one person shares an interpretation, then this is fine; but it helps us to know that you have been blessed if the interpretation you receive sparks and resonates in your heart.  I also ask that YOU DO NOT pm one another about a dream.  It is unrealistic for me to ask people not to become "Facebook friends."  I do not mind people making healthy connections, but if the dream is so sensitive that it warrants private conversations—then you might want to rethink if the dream is something you want to share within the group.  I will not post dreams that I believe are too sensitive in nature. Fellowship and friendships that may develop beyond the group are understandable, but it helps the community to stay accountable to the INTEGRITY of dream interpretation when the community at large gets to read the interpretation and feedback on the original thread.
  11. THIS GROUP IS NOT A COUNSELING PAGE.  I am a certified Life Coach,, and for those needing assistance, you are welcome to search me out for areas of my expertise, but dreams that are extensive in nature dealing with personal or family traumas might not be the place for this closed group.  Dreams of an explicit nature will not be posted and any language of an inappropriate nature will not be used within this group.
  13. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DREAMS SHORT.  One mistake that dreamers sometimes engage in when relaying a dream is they try to share everything.  Even if you have a longer dream, and all dreamers have them, please adhere to Daniel’s admonition in Daniel 7:1, “Daniel had a dream and visions of his head while on his bed. Then he wrote down the dream, telling the MAIN facts” NKJV.  Another version reads that Daniel told the “substance of the dream,” and yet another, that Daniel wrote the “sum of the matters.”  In other words, even Daniel shortened his dream to the main points.  You do not want to overwhelm an interpreter, so when you write out your dream, please shorten it usually to no more than 3 brief paragraphs or 3 different scenes.  It is a discipline and a skill we all can acquire.
  15. YOU MAY POST ONE DREAM AS MANY DAYS in a row as you’d like, but please post only ONE dream per day.  If you have a dream that hasn't been interpreted, however, I will WAIT before posting another of your dreams so that your current posted dream can receive attention.  Also, if you haven't given feedback for your interpreted dream, then I will not post your new dream until you do.   TIP:  If you post using a smart phone, please hit the <return> key on your device to create paragraphs.  If you're on a laptop, please press <shift> + <enter> to do the same thing.  This will make it easier to read your post.  Also, please avoid posting dreams of other people unless they are your child or grandchild who is under the age of 18, or you are a participant in someone else's dream.  Other than this, as interpreters, we want to receive and give feedback to the dreamer, so, if they are not a member of the DVC—then please invite them.  In this way, they can give feedback and they can be a part of the interpretive community.
  17. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH THE INTERPRETATIONS.  If a dream has not received an interpretation—you or the Dream Team may type “bump” so that the dream may receive more attention.  Do not be disheartened, though, if you do not receive an interpretation in our group.  Again, as Joseph said, "interpretations belong to God," and if there is no revelation about your dream within the group—you do not want anyone to “fake it."  Be patient and perhaps God will give you, yourself, the answer you are looking for concerning your dream if there does not seem to be any help from the dreaming community.
  19. AT THEIR DISCRETION, the Dream Team (the Administrator & the Moderators) and ONLY the Dream Team, may close a thread by typing ***This thread is closed*** or something to this effect, that doesn't look ominous, but communicates no further posts.  Too many words can dilute and disrupt what is often a beautiful flow in an interpretation of a dream. So, at our discretion, we will close a thread but not until the dreamer has had a chance to give feedback.
  21. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TO THE DVC (DREAMS & VISIONS COMMUNITY).  If you would like to become a Partner with EIMI for the furtherance of this ministry, please visit  Any donation is appreciated and will be received to the glory of God, for His kingdom purposes.
  Again—Bienvenue/Welcome to the DVC (Dreams & Visions Community).