“I recommend Carmen Aiken-Isaac as a Minister, Speaker, and a Life Coach. I have witnessed her walk through some of life’s difficulties with faith, grace, and authenticity. Her love for God and willingness to allow Him to work in her life provides a great foundation for her to offer spiritual help and guidance to people as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. She is bold, reflective, insightful, and compassionate, and she speaks with open vulnerability making it easy to relate to her life. I am confident you will be blessed by her ministry.”
Tom Lane
Apostolic Senior Pastor & Elder

“If passion for God, creativity, intellectual curiosity, and imaginative talent were put into one person, God would name that person Carmen Aiken-Isaac. Add to that, knowledge and revelation of who God is and how the grace of God practically works in our daily lives, and you have a teacher and minister who changes lives and impassions others toward a greater and deeper relationship with God. I would highly recommend Carmen Aiken-Isaac to anyone who desires to have their life restored to God’s highest purpose.”
the late John Paul Jackson
Streams Ministries International


“Carmen Aiken-Isaac is a gifted woman of God.  We first met when she was in high school, and over the years, I’ve been privileged to watch her move through various seasons of life and even, at times, trials, in a manner that is both faithful and radiant with the love of Christ.  She has touched many lives in addition to mine and has much to share from the treasure troves that God has fashioned within her.  Carmen is truly a woman aglow and alive with the Holy Spirit and is sure to touch the hearts of those who experience her ministry.”
Kristi Morley
Howell, New Jersey
Licensed Minister, Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

“Carmen has impacted my life as a woman after God’s own heart.  I have experienced her forgiving spirit and generous heart in my own life, and I appreciate so much that she challenges me in my journey of faith in seeking God’s will for my life.  I have seen her love, forgiveness, and graciousness shown to others as well.  Above all, she is a woman that seeks to please and honor her Lord Jesus Christ and Savior in every aspect of her life.  She is diligent in reading and mediating on the Word of God and fasting when she feels the Lord leading her to do so.  She is called to share the Word of the Lord and to further His kingdom.”
Morden, Manitoba Canada

“Minister Isaac is a dynamic woman who has helped to exhort me out of crisis and despair.  Her humor, her heart, and her tenderness towards God has made her a personal hero of mine.  I am grateful for the anointing that God has placed upon her life, and increase has come into the kingdom of God because of her obedience and yieldedness.”

“Mrs. Isaac touched my heart by teaching me about the Lord Jesus, and because of this, I started seeing God in my dreams. She is a good teacher, and I thank her for these valuable things. Thank you for being my pioneer, and keep smiling.”
Ravi Bhaskar
New Delhi, India

“I attended a deeply healing EIMI retreat with Minister Carmen in August of 2012 at the Selah Ranch.  At the time of the retreat, I was experiencing a significant amount of pain and grief after several years of traumatic family events.  I hid my grief and pain from those around me in an effort to appear strong, however, inside–I was falling apart.  During the retreat, Minister Carmen helped me connect with the healing power of Jesus through powerful prayer, worship and faith.  And for the first time in three years–I was able to cry and release the crippling burden of grief.  I look forward to attending another EIMI retreat/workshop soon.”
Tawanna Cesare
Fort Worth, Texas

“Carmen is an amazing woman of God who has helped many people (including myself) through painful and traumatic circumstances.  She truly seeks the Lord with all her heart and is a mighty, victorious warrior for God’s Kingdom!  She has been a blessing in my life because of her perseverance, faith, joy, laughter, strength of character, and her amazing testimony!  I can’t wait to see what all The Lord will do through Carmen’s obedience and commitment to Him!”
Flower Mound, Texas

“When Don and Carmen Aiken-Isaac walked into our church for the first time it was evident that this was a woman who had the call of God upon her life.  She was filled with the presence of the Lord, she carried a great honor in her being, not only for the Lord but for those whom she was submitted to.  She was hungry for the things of God, she was willing to pay the price to grow up into Him in all things.  She sought first the Kingdom of God always.  She was a tremendous asset to those around her always spurning others to be the best for Jesus their King as they could be.  When the adversary came in any form, it only caused her to be a deeper seeker of the King.

The woman of God you see today is truly a mature “son” in the Kingdom of God, a woman who carries the mysteries of the Kingdom in such a way that she can impart to children and adults alike.  She is not religious in any way, she is a tremendous woman of His glory, and for this, it is a great privilege to call her friend and co-laborer in these days of Harvest for His Kingdom.”
For His Glory,

Pastors Don & Jane Shelton
Keller, Texas

“I have known Carmen for over 34 years, and she is a woman of prayer. She has a deep love for God and His Word, and I have seen her demonstrate this love to others through her ministry and through her encounters with people. Lives have been changed and souls have been set free through her life.”

“I have always been a dreamer. I have always had very intense dreams that left me thinking and wondering for days what they meant. Having the opportunity to discuss my dreams with someone with a passion and clear knowledge like Carmen has been a great experience in my life. She has the ability to discern meaning and the spiritual content of my dreams, and she remains constant in her gift by possessing the ability to make known the symbolism and meaning. In speaking with Carmen, she has also given me confidence in gaining insight into my own dreams. I am truly grateful to God for allowing Carmen to share this part of my life with me and help me along in the process. She is very patient and has such a wonderful and truly loving spirit. She has proven to be a tremendous blessing in my life and a great friend. Thank you, Carmen, for all of your help!”

Kelliegh Aiken
Rockaway, New Jersey

“I just would like to thank Carmen Aiken-Isaac for the first Dream Chat. It was a true blessing! I’m impressed by Carmen’s wisdom, gentleness of heart and discernment, as she ministered to us. God bless you, dear Carmen Aiken-Isaac. Thank you.”
Rosemary Cortes
Dallas, Oregon

“I have enjoyed Carmen’s Dream Chats. She combines good teaching and discussion with hands on practice. Dreams are a subject many are interested in, and Carmen gives the tools to search out their true meaning. I recommend joining the Dream Chats to begin to see what God is saying to you in the night.”
Carl Hedin
Keller, Texas

“I was telling my pastor how much of a blessing being part of the dream interpretation group is. I have been walking in this Christian way for about 30 years, and dreams have always been the primary way the Lord communicates with me. I’ve felt for a long time that He wanted me to partake in something like this. I was resisting it for various reasons, but God knew and He placed Carmen in my path. Being a part of this group has brought a lot of the stability I was seeking for my life. Before becoming a part of this group, I wasn’t fully aware of how much God wanted to speak His goodness into our lives, repairing the damage done by this world. It’s wonderful!”

Darryl McArthur
Mt. Vernon, Georgia

“Mrs. Carmen Aiken-Isaac is such a great gift to the body of Christ. Carmen is discerning, faithful, compassionate, and empowering. I’ve really enjoyed her Dream Chats. She’s very powerful at discerning God’s will through visions and dreams. She’s also sincerely interested in your dreams and helping you understand the prophetic message that God is giving you. She also almost always backs the interpretations with scripture. I have always been a dreamer and fascinated with dreams. Carmen has really helped in this area. She’s given me tools to understand dreams better. There are many scriptures that come to mind when thinking about her, but Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron and one man sharpens another,” and Titus 2:7, “Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works and in your teaching show integrity and dignity.”
Angel Hudson
Fort Worth, Texas

“I want to thank Carmen for sharing her gifts of teaching and dream interpretation. In the short time I’ve been able to connect on the Dream Chat, I’ve learned so much. I have so enjoyed exploring how God speaks to us through dreams. It is so much fun unpacking His love messages and learning how uniquely He cares for each of us! I am looking forward to participating in future chats to learn and experience more of God’s love language of the night!”
Sheri Smith
Shreveport, Louisiana